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At Beverly Glen Playgroup, Learning Can Get A Little Messy.


Beverly Glen Playgroup was founded in 1946 by a group of Glen residents dedicated to preserving a safe, nurturing environment for their children. Over the course of the past 70 years, we’ve grown into a not-for-profit preschool for children aged two to five. But we remain a vibrant, close-knit community of families dedicated to fostering a sense of community and an enduring learning experience.


Housed in a quiet cabin in Beverly Glen canyon, Playgroup is a small cooperative preschool that practices a play-based, developmental approach to learning. We encourage fun and friendship while integrating learning into everyday activities.


With a full-time director and a professional staff of teachers, the focus at Playgroup is on helping children develop the versatility and resourcefulness they will need to succeed in kindergarten and beyond. Our approach recognizes the uniqueness of each child and respects individual rates of development. That means fostering your child’s innate curiosity, supporting their development of social skills, and introducing early academic skills in a meaningful way. Small class sizes, high teacher-student ratio, and a cozy setting provide children with an intimate, secure environment to develop these early skills with confidence.


This means lots of paint, lots of glitter, lots of sand, and an endless supply of love.

At Playgroup, children can get as messy

as they like which gives them the freedom

to explore their activities naturally.

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