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The key to our close-knit community.


Work Days

Parent participation is a key ingredient in what has made Playgroup unique since 1946, and the rewards for participation are bountiful. Through the co-op experience, parents are able to play an active role in their child’s first school experience. They are afforded the chance to bond with their child in new ways through the interactive developmental curriculum. Each family works at least one school day a month at Playgroup, from August through June (lovingly referred to as the “Working Parent”). Parent participation is the core principle of a cooperative preschool, therefore, grandparents, nannies, etc. are not permitted to work in lieu of mom or dad. The children eagerly anticipate their parent’s work day, and it also strengthens our community by giving parents the chance to get to know their child’s friends and teachers.

Sub Days

In addition to your work day, each family is scheduled as the sub parent at least once a month. The sub parent must remain “on call” and ready to come to school in case one of the teachers is ill.

Parent Jobs

Each family holds a parent job, which they will be responsible for throughout the school year. Parents also participate in a variety of other school tasks such as cleaning/painting the school, driving on field trips and fundraising throughout the year.

The list of parent jobs includes, but is not limited to the following:

Board Positions:


Vice President/Treasurer

Secretary/Alumni Rep

Membership Chair

Fundraising Chair

Other Positions:

Alumni Coordinator/Newsletter

CCPPNS Representative

Events Committee

LDRCC Representative



RoBG Representative


Tribute Book

Sunshine Fund


Annual Auction Chair

Annual Auction Committee

Service Learning Chair

Service Learning Committee

Glen Fair Chair

Glen Fair Committee

Party Book

There are three general meetings per year - one in September, January, and May. Only one parent is required to attend the general meetings. In addition to the general meetings, each class will meet once a year for a Family Meeting. This meeting will cover various topics related to the age of the children in the class and what to expect in the upcoming year in terms of their development. Only one parent is required to attend this meeting, however, we find both parents usually attend. The only meeting both parents are required to attend is the Star Orientation, which happens shortly before school starts in August. This meeting will provide helpful information to incoming Star parents whose children will be starting school for the first time.  

Parents are afforded the chance to bond with their

child in new ways through our interactive

developmental curriculum.

Working Parent Day
Pump N Splash at Playgroup
Mother's Day Tea
Ice Cream Social Party Book event
Clean up day
Power washing on Clean up day
New sand for Playgroup!
Clean up day
Sanitizing the toys
Dusting up on Clean up day
Clean up day
Clean up day
Moms night out
Clean up day
Clean up day
Mother's Day Tea
School renovations
Clean up day
Clean up day
New sand for Playgroup!
Playgroup Prom Party Book event
Spring Dinner: Rock-n-Roll
Spring Dinner: Rock-n-Roll
Spring Dinner: Rock-n-Roll
Spring Dinner: Rock-n-Roll
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